Business is a ever moving world. Security and marketing is a key part of every business. At RPS we have built up a wealth of experience in the marketing and business security sector.

Why are we so passionate about these subjects? Well we believe that a professional outlook is key to help your business move forward. In order to do this it is important your brand pulls your brand all together. We have many opportunities where as businesses we can do this.

It is important to always be identifiable. Even if you are a sole trader investing some money into this aspect of your business. If you business does not look professional this will in turn have an effect on your customers perception of you and therefore effect your turnover and profits. When we consult businesses one of the first things we usually advice the business to do is to get a set of ID cards. One for each member of employees. A company we always recommend is Lesar they offer great prices for both ID card printers and a service where you can login on line and upload your photos and see a complete design mock up and then print them as you need them.

There service for ID cards is extremely easy and cost effect to be honest. I do like having a ID card printer for the businesses that I have been involved in however some who we have advised to get ID cards do like the personal service. As I said Lesar are very good at providing this service. To find out more you can visit there website and contact them via the contact us or make an inquiry button.

Why will this help the marketing of your  business? Well people associate different things easily therefore constantly seeing your logo and receiving a good service will help to give off good vibes to your customers and therefore they will return or in many cases even buy more than they need too.

You can leave a further good impression on people by using a software to monitor who enters and leaves your business. A great website that provide this software is . They offer a professional and affordable way to service the visitors visiting your business.

Please read through some of the popular business and marketing websites to see more information on this website but also have a look through our blog to find out more.